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Upacara Penyampaian Hadiah Pertandingan dan Pameran Seni Lukis Pelajar-pelajar Malaysia-Jepun Kali Ke-18 2012 (Penang)

Also known as the 18th Malaysian-Japanese Students' Art Exhibition, Penang state. It's organized by Penang State Education Department (Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Pulau Pinang) in collaboration with MAY Asaka Center, Japan. Unbelievable, 姐姐 won a prize for this programme for her group! All thanks to the training from her art class teachers. She and 弟弟 had been taking Contemporary Children's Art Education since December 2011.

爸爸 was on business trip and was awoken with a call from 姐姐's school on Monday. He was still snoozing as it's still early where he was :) When he called me, he said the school teacher called because 姐姐 seems to have won some drawing competition. Initially he told me it's the one where he bring her to school. Then later after talking for a while we realize it must be the Malaysian-Japanese Students one. He said she'd be receiving a memo from school and that we're to bring her for the rehearsal and actual prize giving ceremony. We're so surprised, and just waited for the memo since we didn't know if she is eligible for a cert, or really got a prize.

Even when she brought back the memo, it just said she is on the winner list but no details. Luckily 爸爸 is back and he can bring her to the rehearsal, as it's at Seberang Jaya Library.

With her drawing at the Student Art Exhibition

Her drawing, she got Cemerlang and Hadiah Khas (Special Prize) for Category A (Year 1-3)

Her drawing is also printed on the banner, left side :)
On the day of rehearsal, 爸爸 just found out she got Cemerlang and Hadiah Khas for Kategori A (Tahun 1 - 3). We're so flattered that the judges liked her drawing. She didn't know she have to go up the stage twice for the ceremony, and ran back to ask 爸爸 when her name is called again. Well, it's a rehersal after all. The students who got Special Prize for each category are grouped again for practise. The organizer gave the children a bun and water as rehearsal lasts almost until 1pm.

She was so happy to see her own name sticker on the seat

They were early for the prize-giving ceremony (Majlis Perasmian dan Upacara Penyampaian Hadiah), and lucky too as finding parking would be difficult with more people attending. Her school principal also attended this ceremony. 姐姐 sit separately from 爸爸. Luckily 爸爸 get to go so that he could take her photos. There's also dance performances but 爸爸 didn't take photos. TYT Tun graced the Majlis Perasmian Pameran Seni Lukis Pelajar-Pelajar Malaysia-Jepun.

Bow twice then receive her award from guests of honour from Japan

She's very happy and honoured to be getting a prize in the competition. She got Sijil Cemerlang and plaque from Jabatan Pelajaran Pulau Pinang. As part of the Special Prize, she got a bagful of goodies sponsored by Consul General of Japan in Penang. There's a beautiful scroll which she asked not to open. Her school will be conducting its own prize-giving ceremony for other students who got the certs from this "Programme Friendly Relationship Through Pictures".

The Malaysian-Japanese Students' Art Exhibition will be shown in George Town branch library at Jalan Scotland from 11 to 15 July 2012.

The Special Prize certificate she got from Consul-General of Japan in Penang.

English translation of the certificate


  1. Hi, wonder will the selected and winning artworks of 18th Malaysian-Japanese Painting Exhibition and Competition 2012 be exhibited somewhere after 15th July 2012? TQ!

  2. The communication memo we received just mention selected drawings will be shown in Penang, Asaka City and other states. I think May Asaka Center and Library has collaboration with several state Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri and libraries, such as Penang, Perak, Selangor and Sabah. Their website about some of the past exhibitions:

    For contest and exhibition dates for different states, you might need to check with the participating school or state JPN.
    I also saw past drawings were published into a booklet and displayed during the exhibition.


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